Fitzroy Pilates Exercises for Beginners

Pilates workout is an effective workout for everyone. It consists of more than 600 exercises with varying variations and modifications. Fitzroy has some of
the most incredible studios with high end equipment and beautiful views that are great for exercising. This article looks into pilates exercises for beginners.
The 100- This exercise promotes blood circulation causing relaxation. You are just required
to draw your legs to the chest and then curl your head as you hold on the legs.
Put your legs to a table position with the knee above the hips and hold on behind the thighs. You can even hover the arms above the abdominal wall.
Rolling Like a Ball- This is a playful move that enable you to massage your back while simultaneously working your abs. Get in a seated position while grapping the back of your knees with both hands. Rock back to the shoulders and then back up while finding a balance. You can repeat the process numerous
Single-Leg Circles- This exercise keeps the abs engaged. You are required to simply lay down on a mat with your shoulders down. Proceed to extend one leg up while the other leg is bent. Move the raised leg in circular motions. You can then repeat the process several times before witching legs.
Single-Leg Teaser- This exercise prepares your body for advanced regular Pilates teaser. Lay on your back and put your hands behind your neck. Extend legs in the air and start making motions one leg at a time.
Criss-Cross – It is an interesting exercise that stretches your body. Sit on a mat with your legs wide apart and your arms wide open. Twist your
upper body and hand towards the left leg then hold and count to three. Switch
and extend your right to the other leg. Ensure you spiral your chest towards
the knee. As you proceed you can increase your pace.
Visit Fitzroy for some of the most incredible pilates exercises for beginners ensure that your body is healthy.